5 Tools For How to Know Which NFT To Buy — Part 1

There is a huge world to explore in the continents that are cryptocurrencies and blockchain, who knows what new thing will come up in a few years? Before it was cryptocurrencies, now it is blockchain, for the time being NFT is the rave, it is all that people can talk about and all that has garnered a lot of numerous ways of investment from renown people such as Snoop Dogg, Logan Paul, and many other celebrities — it is a way to earn, but one thing is to be kept in mind, one shouldn’t make this a career, but a side hustle, a side gig, something that works with another thing that you are doing — just to stay on the safe side.

Right now, we are living in a world that is dominated by NFTs. This world was and still is being run on paper money and digital money, but cryptocurrency has kind of changed all of that, but not to an extent where it is the sole bearer of flow of payments, but now comes the NFT era, where non-fungible assets are becoming hard to invest in. But the best thing about this all is that anyone can make, buy, and sell NFTs — it is an all-inclusive world of blockchain.

The emerging collection of new NFT projects come in daily and they are making it even harder for investors to understand if they should invest in it or not. But, we are here to help you understand where and how to utilize tools that can help you in buying the right kind of NFTs.

What makes an NFT valuable?

NFT is considered to be valuable when it has rarity in it. The NFT that is rare; that is hard to find, that has the least amount of its own, that is the NFT which is considered to be valuable and rare. Consider for example, the CryptoPunk collection, there are only 9 alien versions out of thousands of CryptoPunk NFTs, and these 9 are considered to be the most valuable. Therefore, this is how you know which NFT to buy, based on its rarity.

To check each NFT one-by-one will take you a long time, therefore, there are tools that can help you determine that, to do so, these are the following tools that will help you understand which NFTs to buy:

Tool no. 1: BitDegree.

BitDegree has all the necessary features to help you filter out all the non-rare NFTs and put forth NFTs that are rare in nature.

Tool no. 2: NFT OnChained.

This tool does one job most perfectly and that is to screen the NFTs and put forth the NFT that is the most underpriced so that you can buy it and sell it, basically flip the NFT to earn profit. It also filters out the NFTs by their traits, rarity, market data as well as other factors.

Tool no. 3: Crypto.com.

From this website, you can get all the vital information regarding NFTs, you can get statistics based on the prices and the volume as well. When you open the website, you will see a collection of NFTs along with total assets, floor price, sales, volume, collection value etc. All of these stats are important to help you find the rarest NFT to buy and flip.

Tool no. 4: Rarity Tools.

All the tools focus on rarity of an NFT, but Rarity Tools is the website that does it with the most priority. We know that the best NFTs that are sold for a high price are rare, and many collectors want the rare ones, kind of like a rare antique item — NFTs hold the same value.

In Rarity Tools, you can filter NFTs based on their average price, volume in ETH, collections, and especially rarity. This makes it easier for you to try and find which NFTs to buy and which can give you the best return on your investment.

Tool no. 5: Moby.

This tool may not be popular but it is an effective one in tracking NFTs. If you want fast real-time stats on NFTs then Moby is your friend. You can filter out window periods for a short period of time such as 10 minutes, 60 minutes, and 24 hours etc. to see which NFT is the best to buy right now or invest in.

If you use these tools, then you can bet that you will be able to find the rarest of the NFTs as if you were playing a Pokemon game, if you really think about it — it is a game, and this game will get you money if you play your cards right. Therefore, through these tools, you can play your cards right and earn from buying and selling NFTs.

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NFT TopDrop is a hub for the latest releases and events in the NFT space. We cover all of the exciting drops across marketplaces and platforms.

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NFT TopDrop

NFT TopDrop

NFT TopDrop is a hub for the latest releases and events in the NFT space. We cover all of the exciting drops across marketplaces and platforms.

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